Where Do We Start?

We typically work with Presidents, CEOs, and VPs of Marketing and Business Development who are often looking for a fresh perspective and new ideas.

Marketing and Strategic Planning


Every few years it’s good practice for companies to dust off the marketing or strategic plans and see how things went and then to update and make changes to them as necessary. We work with companies to create complete marketing and strategic plans from scratch or help fill in the gaps with research and data. Is there a market for a new product? We can help with top down and bottom up market analysis for your pro forma. We can provide valuable unbiased outside perspective on strengths, weaknesses and strategy.

Product Development and Business Development

Aviation companies ask us to help them figure out what the market requirements are for what they are developing. In many cases this involves talking to the end customers and getting their input on the product and getting their assurance that they’ll be there to buy it when the product is released. We also connect companies with others that have complementary products or services to create catalysts for business. We excel at identifying and negotiating strategic partnerships that are a win-win for all parties.

Corporate ID and Brand Management

We help new companies as well as established companies that have made recent acquisitions or who have recently been acquired put together a strategy for their corporate ID and help ensure that there is a unified image in the market. We love to sit down and help companies discover who they are, what they want to be and what the market thinks of them - and then devise a plan to make it happen.

For products, companies often need help untangling products and brands to overcome market confusion. We can help.

Communications and Public Relations

Every company has a unique voice and something unique to say - we help them find that voice and those words. It could be a website, a brochure or advertising copy - or even better, helping them develop a consistent message across all communications platforms. We develop full marketing communications plans so that our clients have an executable strategy for advertising, PR, trade shows and product launches. We work with companies to announce program wins and other events and then talk with aviation editors and reporters to get those stories in front of the industry.

Aviation has its own language and we speak it. We’re different from generic advertising and design agencies.

We do a lot. Give us a call and tell us what you need.